Gift Cards

Transform the experience of receiving a gift card with help from Gift Wrap Exchange.

Gift Cards: Presentation is Everything

Taking the concept of gifting a step further, our Gift Wrap Exchange Gift Card Service transforms the simplicity of gift cards into a grand gesture. These aren't just gift cards; they're experiences, presented in rigid boxes with premium wrapping and a hand-tied bow. With options for personal or corporate branding and a wide range of retailers to choose from, we make sure that even a gift card leaves a lasting impression. At Gift Wrap Exchange, we redefine the art of gifting, making every choice, from a simple card to an elaborate gift, truly special.

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Gift Card Services

  • Elegant Gift Card Presentation
Starting at only $7.50 per unit

Gift cards can be a wonderful present, but sometimes sending them through email or giving them in a plain card or envelope can lack that personal touch. That's where the Gift Wrap Exchange Gift Card Service comes in. We offer the perfect solution for those moments when you want to make your gift truly special. Each gift card is carefully wrapped inside a sturdy box, adorned with high-quality wrapping paper and a beautifully hand-tied bow. Plus, you have the option to add your own branding. With hundreds of retailers to choose from, you'll find the perfect gift card for any occasion.

Branding & Customization Options
  • Every project is tailored specific to your needs
  • Custom product engraving available
  • Custom logo ribbon available
  • Custom note cards and gift tags are available

  • Orders can be bulk shipped to one address or shipped via FedEx to individual addresses
  • Shipping prices are based upon the scope of your project and will be included in your project bid
  • Returns & refunds not permitted for customized products
  • Projects subject to 50% non-refundable down payment; balance due upon shipment
  • Minimum order of $250

Gifting Consultations Available

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