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Sonya Schoen
Sonya Schoen is a proud Houston native with a deep love for her city and state. Her passion for gift wrapping, which began in her high school years, has blossomed into a unique and cherished skill. Sonya's creativity shines through in each meticulously wrapped gift, turning ordinary presents into extraordinary expressions of care.

With a solid educational background in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, Sonya has honed her organizational and management skills. Her extensive 15-year experience in Supply Chain for a major beverage company has equipped her with invaluable insights into customer service and operational excellence.

Driven by her desire to give back to the community and help others, Sonya has confidently embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. She combines her professional expertise with her creative flair to offer a service that's both unique and personal.

Sonya's commitment is unwavering: to help you express your thanks, appreciation, gratitude, and love through the art of beautifully wrapped gifts. With Sonya, you can trust that each gift will be handled with care, professionalism, and an unmatched creative touch.

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