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Branding opportunities for your next corporate gift project - with options that include engraving, logo ribbon, gift wrap, and more.

The Power of Personalized Business Gifting

gift wrap exchange boxAt Gift Wrap Exchange, we understand that gifting within the corporate sphere is much more than a simple exchange—it's an art that requires a thoughtful touch and a keen sense of how to genuinely express gratitude while maintaining a professional edge. Our mission is to help you enhance your brand's presence and forge stronger relationships through the power of giving.

Celebrating milestones and special occasions with your team, vendors, and clients is an opportunity to show how much you value them. With Gift Wrap Exchange, it's never about self-promotion; it's about crafting an experience that conveys your heartfelt thanks and leaves a positive, lasting impression.

We know that traditional corporate gifts often miss the mark, feeling more like flashy advertisements than genuine tokens of appreciation. That's why we guide you towards a more sophisticated approach. Our elegant wrapping solutions allow you to showcase your brand with subtlety and style—think presents encased in high-quality paper, adorned with a custom logo ribbon or a tastefully minimalistic gift tag. These details ensure that the spirit of your gift is focused on appreciation, making each unwrapping a moment to remember.

Let Gift Wrap Exchange elevate your corporate gifting, turning every occasion into a testament of your brand's commitment to excellence and the people who make it thrive.

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Shipping & Terms

  • Orders can be bulk shipped to one address or shipped via FedEx to individual addresses
  • Shipping prices are based upon the scope of your project and will be included in your project bid
  • Every project is customized specifically for you therefore no returns or refunds
  • Depending on the size and scope of your project orders may require payment in full or 50% down non-refundable and the remaining 50% due at time of delivery/shipment
  • Minimum order of $250

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